A National Sport Governing Body (NSGB) is an organization that governs and administers a sport on a national scale.  All NSGB’s must demonstrate that it has an appropriate constitutional structure and control the environment of its sport.  A recognised NSGB is responsible for the following:

  1. Promote its sport
  2. Manage the rules and regulations of its sport, including anti-doping, child protection and equality;
  3. Prepare and implement a vision and strategic plan for its sport and determine how it will be implemented locally and internationally;
  4. Implement a governance framework for its sport;
  5. Encourage and grow participation;
  6. Develop coaches, athletes, officials and participants;
  7. Organise and host competitions.

Recognized National Sport Governing Bodies

  1. Bermuda Basketball Association
  2. Bermuda Bicycle Association
  3. Bermuda Bowling Federation
  4. Bermuda Boxing Federation
  5. Bermuda Cricket Board
  6. Bermuda Equestrian Federation
  7. Bermuda Football Association
  8. Bermuda Golf Association
  9. Bermuda Hockey Federation
  10. Bermuda Karate Federation
  11. Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association
  12. Bermuda Motocross Association
  13. Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Association 
  14. Bermuda National Athletics Association
  15. Bermuda Netball Association
  16. Bermuda Rowing Association 
  17. Bermuda Rugby Football Union 
  18. Bermuda Sailing Association
  19. Bermuda Sanshou Association
  20. Bermuda Squash Racquets Association
  21. Bermuda Triathlon Association
  22. Bermuda Volleyball Association 
  23. Boccia Bermuda
  24. Gymnastics Federation of Bermuda 
  25. National Archery Association of Bermuda

The Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation provides financial and advisory support to National Sports Governing Bodies to assist them with their sports development programmes.  Department assistance is also provided to maximize sports participation and to encourage the pursuit of athletic excellence among their elite athletes.

In order to be eligible for support, all National Governing Bodies must meet the criteria with this NSGB Recognition Policy.