Sports Awards

Sports Awards is organized for the purpose of identifying and recognizing the distinguished achievements of Bermudians in the field of sport. Recognition is given to the following;

  • For participation and achievement at a high standard of performance in international competition.
  • Recognition is also awarded to those persons who have made contributions to the development and advancement of sport in a non-competitive capacity.
  • Special distinction in sport – recognition of those athletes who have achieved special status or distinction in sport.
  • To select a Senior and Junior Male and Female Athlete of the Year.

The annual Sports Awards is a programme of the Office of the Premier of Bermuda and is administered by the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation, on behalf of the Government of Bermuda. The 40th Annual Sports Awards took place at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club on Saturday March 12th, 2022.  

Dame Flora Duffy — who won the island’s first ever Olympic gold medal — was named the Female Athlete of the Year, Jah-Nhai Perinchief was named the Male Athlete of Year, Sebastian Kempe was named the Junior Male Athlete of the Year, while Caitlyn Bobb was named the Junior Female Athlete of the Year. The list of recipients are as follows:

Male Athlete of the Year                   

Jah-Nhai Perinchief                                                    

 Female Athlete of Year

Flora Duffy                                                    

Senior Achievement Award (Male)

Jah-Nhai Perinchief      Tyler Butterfield

Kaden Hopkins                Tyler Smith                                                     

Kiwon Waldron

Senior Achievement Award (Female)

Flora Duffy             Jessica Lewis

Caitlin Conyers     Madelyn Moore       

Erica Hawley

Male Junior Athlete of the Year

Sebastian Kempe                                                         

Female Junior Athlete of Year

Caitlyn Bobb                                                   

Junior Achievement Award (Male)

Sebastian Kempe      Cody Rego

Alexander Miller          Dominic Sabir

Junior Achievement Award (Female)

Caitlyn Bobb          Errin Cann

Liana Medeiros      Isabelle Dutranoit                                                        

Appreciation Award


Charles & Lesley Marshall                                                                 

Special Achievement Award    

Donna Raynor           

Heidi Mello

Kaywell Outerbridge         

Sport Citation

Clinton Hayward (Football)        Stefan Maybury (Football)                        

Natasha Trott (Football)             2008 U-19 National Team (Cricket)               

Special Recognition

Special Olympics Bermuda

Minister Sports Awards

(Football) – Male

Peter Silvester

(Football) – Female    

Nia Christopher

(Cricket) – Male 

Delray Rawlins

(Cricket) – Female

Sanaa Berkeley