The goal of the NJASP is to provide encouragement and development opportunities to Bermudian junior athletes between the ages of 15 – 19, who clearly show commitment, promise, and achievement in their respective sports. Click here to see a list of 2023 recipients.

Click here to see vignettes of all of the athletes and recipients at this year’s awards.

Click here to see pictures from the event on Friday, May 12th.

National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme 2023



1. To recognize Bermudian junior athletes who clearly demonstrate the commitment, performance and potential to become elite athletes.

2. To provide financial assistance for Bermudian junior athletes whose performance has shown a clear indication of development in selected sports.

3. To support and provide opportunities for Bermudian junior athletes to reach their full potential.

4. To provide athletes the development opportunities to reach elite standards and represent Bermuda at major sporting festivals/events.