Sports Investment Program

2022-23 Sport Investment Programme Cover

The Department of Youth, Sport & Recreation is committed to the enhancement of sport and recreation at all levels and recognizes that sport associations must be properly financed to ensure their growth and development. A key focus is to assist National Sport Governing Bodies (NSGB’s) to develop sustainable and effective pathway structures to facilitate increased number of participants and improve performance. In this regard, the Department commits to providing funding to NSGB’s through the Sport Investment Program (SIP). The SIP provides funding to National Sports Governing Bodies to support and assist with the development of athletes, coaches and sporting programs.

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The National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme (NJASP), which commenced in 1994, aims to provide encouragement and incentives to Bermudian junior athletes who clearly show commitment, promise and achievement in their respective sport. Funding will be made available through the National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Committee, to assist junior athletes who are not otherwise deemed eligible for financial assistance through the Elite Athlete Assistance program. This contribution is intended to provide training incentives to promising junior athletes (between the ages of 15-19 years old), who are likely to achieve Elite Athlete status at senior level given their continued participation and commitment to their sport.

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